Helping protect homes is Orkin’s business - and has been for over 100 years. So it’s no surprise that we’ve used the same expertise that makes us a leader in pest control to develop an array of complete home protection services.

Our services include:

Orkin Wildlife Management

Two professional services to help keep wildlife out of your home and property: Wildlife Management to remove and exclude wildlife that have entered your property, and Wildlife Managemente Repellent to help protect your yard and garden. 

Energy-Saving Solutions

Two professional installation services to help reduce energy loss in your home, including Orkin-Therm blown insulation containg boric acid, a natural pest insecticide and Orkin ComfortZone radiant heat barrier. 

Orkin Home Improvement Services

Moisture attracts pests. Orkin helps combat moisture problems with two unique services: Orkin DryZone and Orkin LeafStopper.

You can expect all of these to be backed by Orkin's rigorous, up-to-date training and 100% satisfaction guarantee.